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Rational Model of Executive Search ®
About Us

The 5SHH® model created by Olivier Rodney and applied by its partners is the most effective on the market, crossing a deep needs analysis with a process based on modern search and selection tools.


With 15 years of experience providing solutions to the experts in Talents search and selection, from independent Headhunters to the largest international firms, Olivier Rodney, MBA in Marketing, has analyzed and identified needs not yet met.

Most of the headhunting firms are used to focus their efforts 80% on the search and 20% on the selection, without considering the true analysis of the contracting company and the effective integration of the person within the organization.


The 5SHH® model proposes 2 steps prior to the search and selection, and a post-recruitment step dedicated to get the person onboard and integrate him/her within his/her working team, which will welcome the "new acquisition".

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