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Our Difference

We offer added value to our clients, thanks to our integration programs, our involvement in public relations, our introduction to the culture of the company and our ethical commitment of a fair selection.


Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism by which new talents acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to become effective members and experts in the organization. 

Understanding the correlation between work and the values of the organization will help to increase the employees’ engagement.

Cross-Cultural Management

All our search missions start with a deep analysis of the company, it is our 1st step: Discovery.


We give a major importance in our process to the particular culture of each member that make up the organization: their different management and leadership styles are unique and need to be understood by experts.

Social Networking

We are experts in Professional Networking, LinkedIn and other professional networks: we are active participants in high-level public relations events.


We don’t only use these modern tools for our own executive searches, but we also advise you to build and develop your own network, and own strategy.

Fair Selection

The Fair Selection® concept created by 5SHH® is more than a philosophy and culture, it is an ethical commitment applied to each of our executive search processes.


It consists in advising our clients on their decision-making, based on ethical and modern principles.


Giving candidates the opportunity to be considered, according to their academic level, their level of experience and skills in general.


Inviting gender equity, in terms of responsibilities and compensations.


Inviting non-discrimination by age, origin, religion, disability or race.


Complexity Level

We have three different service rates based on the level of complexity of each of the executive searches.



The Difference

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